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We call or e-mail to confirm receipt of every subpoena submitted through this site. We issue, notarize, attach witness fee to, and serve the subpoena usually on the next business day. Once service has been effectuated, the subpoena and Return of Service are faxed to you, then all original documents are mailed to your office. This entire process is usually completed in 1 or 2 work days.

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*Note: If you provide a NAC number we will invoice CPCS directly. You may enter the words 'PRIVATE CASE' in place of the NAC number for private cases and we will invoice the requesting attorney. If you are a CPCS Attorney please enter 'CPCS Attorney' if there is no NAC number. Please do not leave the NAC section blank.
Tip: To summons multiple witnesses on the same case use the 'back' button on your browser after submitting the first subpoena and type over the witness information and the case information will remain on the form to submit again.

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